Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Read This Book. Sometime.

I wrote a book called Lampshades Are For More Than Just Hiding A Lightbulb.  It is about a young girl who was trying to find her place between her own expectations and those of others.  Her name is Lucy and she struggles with contentment, being alluring to men, crochet, her love for words and her inability to write them down, planning things way too far in advance, keeping her room clean, driving fast, and being concerned that she drinks more coffee than she should in any given day.  I think that makes her normal, or at least odd in as many ways (even if different) than other people.  For some reason the book never sold.  Oh. Yeah.  I never wrote it.  Too bad; sounds interesting.

Question (?)

What do you think readers... am I heavy or slender?  A lot of brain power goes into thinking about weight in the female world so I thought I would just put this out there right away.  By the way I talk... do you think I am a large gal or perhaps this tiny lady is hiding beneath a lusty lampshade.  What about you?  Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your body?  Are you happy with it?  Does it hinder you from shopping the stores with tiny doors?  Does it make you want to try on every garment you can because the mood lift you get from seeing your fabulous self is something film actresses would envy?  Who ever you are, whatever your body type I hope you know that life is a journey.  And it's not a journey to perfection... but to becoming confidant with yourself and getting beyond yourself so that you can enjoy life unhindered.  Am I heavy or slender?  Regardless... I am free!

A Smallish Thought

Today I bought a ridiculously expensive handbag because it made me feel like a million dollars. There is nothing like a designer purse for a woman's morale. Does that make me shallow or just human? If I am shallow at least I feel amazing. If I am human... well, aren't we all? Either way. I am sleeping with my new purse tonight. Ooh. La. La.